It has been over a year since we have had to deal with this deadly foe

And no one knows just exactly what to do to make it finally go.

It has ravished our world and changed our land.

It has been a pandemic no one has been able to really understand.

How could this Covid 19 virus wreak such havoc on us all?

How could it spread so quickly to countries large and small?

We are now learning the origin of this “virus from hell”

There are so many flaws in the story the scientists continue to tell.

Students have worn masks and some have learned on line

The repercussions of this all will emerge over time.

It is now June and outside gatherings have increased to ten.

And we are so happy to be with family and friends again.

The premiers are finally announcing new plans for the rest of the year

They are discussing opening businesses and make the mask mandate disappear.

Vaccinations increasing daily from one to two

While some anti-vaccers are still wondering what to do.

This Covid 19 has taken a huge toll on us all

But our first responders have stepped up and answered the call.

They have stepped up and been there with caring and heart

Now it is up to us to do our part.

You may choose to get your vaccination and prepare

To meet this Covid in the coming year.

If not, please remember when you have made your choice

We live in a country where you still have a voice.

By Sheila Donner