Remembrance Day Tribute from the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS)

“Good day Comrades,

As you may already know, due to the health crisis, we are not permitted to formally attend any Remembrance Day Ceremony as a Squadron, so the cadets have been asked to have a family time of remembrance at home.

I was delighted to have been sent a number of video clips from many of our cadets who wanted to partake in Remembrance Day in their own way, in their own time.  I have created a video for you to use as you see fit, which we are also planning to share on our social media on November 11th.  The file size is 660mb so it will not fit as an attachment within this email so I have placed it on Youtube as private media, which can only be accessed with this link:

Thank you for your continued support to the Squadron and we look forward to helping with Poppy Sales this next year if the health situation allows.”

Best wishes and compliments,


Captain Barry Duffield CD AdeC

Commanding Officer, 15 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS)

Canadian Armed Forces

The Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron did an amazing tribute video for Remembrance Day, as they are not permitted to participate in the typical Parade with COVID-19 being a major health hazard in the community. I would like to thank Cpt. Duffield for sending this to us, and am happy to post it to our website.