March Maintenance Report

Maintenance Coordinator Report – March 23, 2023

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 17

Robertson Memorial

President Sheila Donner.

I am pleased to submit this maintenance coordinator report to you and to the Branch No. 17 Executive and members for March 23, 2023.


On going work in replacing lights bulbs, correcting door operations and general checking of toilets and drains, sinks, etc. managing the maintenance stores. Keeping the records and managing our budget. Assigning maintenance tasks and keeping an eye on equipment failures and purchasing supplies.

Paper towel and toilet paper size dispensers’ issue are still open. I have found one serviceable toilet paper dispenser. I need to do another review of this matter as Holly has changed some out and around.

Tom Hamp kindly painted the door and frame in the lower level. Brown to white and it makes a great difference in the area’s appearance. Located at bottom of the stairwell, near the Lancaster room. However, two problems have developed with our wonderful New Horizons room, heating, and sound attenuation. Your maintenance crew will be discussing this.

The spot lighting and two facia set in lights have been equipped with a sun light sensor so that the switch in the old security office can be left on. This means we will have safety lighting on after sunset. Good for nefarious activity prevention and walking safety. Repeat we, Brandon (Limelight Electric) and me troubleshot the roof lighting. Power is at the signs; however, tubes are broken, and the sun light sensor may be unserviceable. Delayed project until spring due to the difficulty of working on the signs in windy and cold weather.


All light switches in the Schooners pub are now placarded. Two more light dimmer systems will be replaced so we can save our LED bulbs form burnout. Two other dimmers were placed in February 2023.

Project report being updated for general meeting. Several new projects have been identified and the older projects have been updated. Please take a look at the March Project report, you may be surprised how much work is needed to keep our facility working order. Including many improvements.

Submitted by.

Roger Beebe, Maintenance Coordinator

Team; Wes Krause, Don Hamilton; Robert (Bob) Cable; Malcolm Glass; Rod Simmons, Tom Hamp