March President’s Report

March President Report

Another busy month for your Executive and all the staff. Every day is a new day with new issues and it is really encouraging to know our staff always rise to the occasion. Your Legion is fortunate to have such dedicated staff. There have been occasions when members have been disrespectful and rude to the office and Bar staff. This behaviour is never acceptable. I have spoken to a few about this and I am sure this will eliminate this problem. Remember that the Legion has House Rules posted in the Legion. Actions have consequences.

Once your Executive was alerted the middle of March that the Medicine Hat Stampede was back on, your executive, at the March 24th Executive meeting voted, because of the late start and the risks involved, not to be involved in the $10,000 cash draw this year. After much discussion, at the March30th General Meeting, the unanimous vote of your Executive was supported.

We had our re-Grand Opening on March 25th and it was well attended. The Beef on a bun and trimmings was delicious. Thank you Diane and to Amanda for this treat and thanks to Rhoda for helping to serve. Thanks to all of you who attended and helped us to celebrate we try to get back to some semblance of “normal”.

The District 6 Rally is being held in Lethbridge and the following will be attending to represent Robertson Memorial: Wayne and Sheila Donner, Ken and Stephanie Farrer and Lorraine Lozo. Just a reminder that the Alberta/NWT Convention is scheduled for May 6-8. If you are planning to attend please let the Office know as soon as possible.

Thanks to Wes Krause, Roger Beebe and Bob Cable the stage looks so much bigger and neater. They will now get busy working on organizing our artifacts and history in the Archive room and setting up displays around the Legion. Wes is also putting together a wonderful display for our Veterans’ evening and 95th Anniversary.

Atron has informed the Legion that the air handler on the roof is toast. Kudos to them for coming up with a plan to rebuild rather than replace the equipment on the roof. So rather than having to pay $150000-$200000, it will cost approximately $10000. Thank you Atron for taking the time to find an affordable solution for the Legion.

Robertson Memorial Br #17 has been successful in its application for $20,500, from New Horizons for Seniors Grants. This money is to be used to set up the newly renovated room in the basement into a high-tech meeting room with video projector, retractable screen, computers speakers and other equipment and furniture needed to hold meaningful informational, presentations for our Legion members, for our Veterans and for the community members. Please stay tuned for the list of presentations scheduled to begin next month in April. If you have something you would like to learn more about or share with others please let me know. 403-527-7194;

Our new fund raiser is just beginning. Trackside Liquor will be making up the baskets and we will be holding a wine and Spirits basket Raffle for a total prize worth $2000.00. First prize- $800 Basket, 2nd prize $600 Basket, 3rd Prize $400 Basket, 4th and 5th $100 Basket. Tickets will cost $10.00/each. Draw date will be May 13th. Sales start April 1st.

We will be hosting a wine and cheese for our faithful Legion volunteers following the April 27th General Meeting. It will take place in the Ortona Room. This event is to thank all those who have helped with Chase the President, the Friday Meat Raffle or have helped with maintaining our building over the last few years. We will continue to thank our Poppy Volunteers with the dinner following the Poppy Campaign.

May 14th we will be hosting both the Veterans’ Dinner and celebrating the 95th Anniversary of Robertson Memorial Br #17. Tickets are no charge for Veterans and spouse/ caregiver. Tickets will be available to members of the public for $40.00. Prime Rib will be on the menu.

June 4th we will be cleaning the headstones in the Field of Honour in Hillside Cemetery and June 5th will be Decoration Day.

April 8th and 9th there will be a pool tournament and April 30th there will be mixed doubles dart tournament. Many thanks to Darwin, our Sports Officer for all his hard work. Thanks as well to Doris and Steve for their very successful Trivia Night and for organizing Darts in the Pub.

Lots is happening in your Legion and your Schooners Pub. We appreciate everyone’s support as we get back on track. Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the Executive or the Office if you have an idea or a concern. We still need volunteers for a variety of things. Please call the office and offer your expertise. I know you all have many skills and if you would like to share them, your Legion needs you.

Yours in Comradeship,

Sheila Donner, President