Getting Back to Normal

By Sheila Donner

For me normal can’t come soon enough

I am so tired of masks and the rest of the stuff.

We’ve had to endure things like never before.

Now it’s time for friends and a whole lot more.

As some are scurrying to get the second shot

Others are deciding whether to get it or not.

Some have readily held out their arm.

Others are afraid it will do them great harm.

We need to remember why we got that second shot.

So, we could do all the things that we could not.

Now you can throw your mask away.

Now children can gather outside and play.

A time we thought would never end.

When staying home became the trend.

Now it’s visiting friends and shopping for me.

Now the sky’s the limit as we enter step 3.

So, when you reflect back on the months that we missed

Be sure to add family and friends and dining-out to your list.

Covid, you were an unwelcome guest to the party called life

So farewell, you are not wanted, you brought nothing but strife.

Now that Covid is almost a thing of the past

The world is our oyster, and we all need to hope that this normal lasts.

Many thanks to those who have helped in so many different ways,

And to those who worked tirelessly for endless days.

We will never forget this scourge from hell.

And many of us, I’m certain, will have stories to tell.

The future looms before us with a chance to start anew

As we return to Normal what is the first thing that you will do?