Update from Public Relations


I know that during these stressful times, alot of things have been uncertain. With COVID being a consistent issue, alot of things have changed, and not always for the better. I have teamed with Manager Holly in regards to keeping the emails going and our Facebook and Schooners Page up to date, and she has done an absolutely amazing job of it. I have not forgotten my responsibility with our website, and as i get information, will be more diligent on my part on updating it, so if you don’t receive emails, then you can still get the same information via our website.

The reason that Holly is doing the social media front of PR is due to limited hours at the Legion Office, and with the restrictions going on, she is best sourced to receive information from our Legion President, and making sure you all receive the information that is needed as soon as they are aware of it. As many of you are aware, I work a separate job and quite frequently, my emails or posts are delayed. Which is not fair to you all, especially during these times.

I apologize for the website’s long period of not being updated. It was brought up as a concern that it had been quite sometime since a recent post, and upon checking the site editor, it turned out that the software on the editor hadn’t been updated, therefore posts weren’t being displayed, but saved as edits and drafts. Once I updated it, I went and back posted everything, and have kept it up to par and keeping a more watchful eye on the site’s maintenance.

I will be keeping the site up to date as often as emails and posts are sent out. It may take a day or two to register on site, but it will be there.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please reach out to me so I can answer them and hopefully put them to rest. I can be reached by email @ PRlegion17@outlook.com. That is the Legion’s PR Email I created for main use, just address the email to me, and I’ll reach out to you either by email, or if preferred, phone.

Thank You all for your patience and understanding. Please, be safe during these trying times.


Gary Wilson

Public Relations Chairman

Robertson Memorial Branch No. 17