COVID-19 Poem

Living the Dream During Covid 19

“I’m living the dream” I tell all my friends,

As I wait patiently for this Pandemic to end.

I walk twice a day and mount up the miles,

But I must admit this exercise has been very worthwhile.

This past year we have developed a new way of living,

Adapting to guidelines the government keeps giving.

We have learned to wear masks and social distance, too,

And to follow the rules like good citizens do.

We’ve learned to live life within a bubble,

For some this has not caused significant trouble.

But for others the loneliness of not seeing friends,

Has caused fear and anxiety questioning “when will this end.”

No sports, no gyms, no entertainment allowed,

Living in times when ten is a crowd.

Many seniors walking the trails, keeping 3 meters apart.

Which all experts say relieves stress while helping the heart.

Yes, I’m living the dream but at least I am here.

We’ve lost so many souls during the past year.

This means for me, so that my dream will unfold,

That I must be willing to do all that I’m told.

Who cares if we don’t like to wear the mask,

In the big scheme of things, it’s a small thing to ask.

So, my advice to you as we enter the second year,

Just smile and appreciate the fact you are still here.

Our government is moving as fast as it can.

To get us all vaccinated is their big plan.

When this Pandemic is over may we all say

“I can now “live the dream” and do it my way.”

Sheila Donner